don't let me go

can we shake off all the numbers and try to bounce back from a loss / start the whole thing over and reevaluate the cost of my decisions / honey i didn't do that this time

if it's not to much to ask you, "where the hell did I go wrong" / is it selfish desire to say I'm not quite as strong as I used to be / am I blind to the obvious again

I'll be / right here in the position where you / left me / desperately holing on / trying to breathe / honey I'm a puppet on a long string / hoping that you never let me go

I thought about writing you a letter but they don't do that anymore /  twenty first century lovers hardly ever settle scores like they used to do / back before consequence was immediate

I wanna trace your body over, I wanna wrap you in my arms / I wanna sleep past seven thirty, ain't no need for no alarms / do you remember before we didn't ask any questions

take your time / I'll be fine / I just need consistency to find its way into life / and I would play your game / but I don't know your name / and I won't take the blame anymore

Taylor Chaffin